Grand Jury Reform

Published January 28, 2016 by Anne

Where have we been? Weeping over the inhumanity of a broken Asus laptop. Its failed body safely entombed in the trunk of our car, we are now emotionally able to continue with our regular blogging schedule. Here goes…

Ohio has created a grand jury task force. See Chief Justice Forms Grand Jury Task Force, Court News Ohio (January 27, 2916). Not sure why the grand jury mavens at the University of Dayton School of Law are not on the roster, but we assume and hope that their expertise will be utilized.

Why a grand jury task force? These things usually grow in the wake of some notorious case. Recall, for example, the bevy of petit jury reformers who got to work after the O.J. case in the 90s. Here, the grand jury is getting a closer look after the Tamir Rice shooting in Cleveland. That grand jury either never took a vote, or did, depending on who’s telling it.


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